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Rainbow Bulb Garden

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    Rainbow Bulb Garden - ROSE GARDEN

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    Vibrant and bright, this gorgeous rainbow mixed bulb garden is just the thing you need to cheer someone up, or celebrate an accomplishment. This pre-planted indoor bulb garden contains high quality bulbs that arrive dormant, in the first stages of growth. Water thoroughly upon arrival, and about once a week to keep the soil damp, and watch as these stalks grow! Blooms will begin to appear in about 2-3 weeks. A wonderful and long lasting gift, watching these beautiful and vibrant flowers grow before your eyes.

    • Yellow Daffodils
    • Red Tulips
    • Orange Tulips
    • Pink Hyacinth
    • Purple Hyacinth
    • Hot Pink Hyacinth
    • Blue Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)
    • Wooden Container
    • Care Instructions Card
    • Personalized Card Message