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Savory Cutting Board Collection

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    Savory Cutting Board Collection - ROSE GARDEN

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    This classic cutting board collection includes all the meat, cheese, & accompaniments, your lucky friend or loved one needs to create a stunning party appetizer! Trail mix, nuts, meat, cheese, crackers, and mustard are delivered with a bamboo cutting board and a cheese knife, perfect for them to enjoy with family and friends, or to celebrate their special day!

    • Gourmet Fancy Mix (5oz)
    • Roasted and Salted Almonds (3.5oz)
    • Spicy Party Mix (4oz)
    • Tropical Mix (5oz)
    • Glacier Ridge Farms Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Spread (3.5oz)
    • Del Duca Sopressata Salami (3oz)
    • Sesame Crackers (2oz)
    • Wooden Cutting Board
    • Cheese Knife
    • Personalized Card Message